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Complete Point Of Sale Solutions

Motor Display have the experience and creativity to provide our larger customers with full Point of Sale solutions for your business.

Whatever you need, be it stickers, signage, pricing units or even larger display products such as backdrops, turntables or televisual displays, we are more than happy to spend the time developing your ideas, and even work closely with you to develop new products if needed.

Along with your initial order, Motor Display can provide dedicated Ordering Pages for your business network to provide a secure and easy to access method of making reorders.

Please see below for examples of our larger programs.


Summer 2017

Over the course of several months, Motor Display & Opel Ireland created a 14 product Point of Sale Program together including such products as Totem Inserts, Posters, Static Cling Windscreen Stickers, and Motor Display’s innovative Easy Film Tax Disc Holder to name a few.

We also created a special dedicated Ordering Page for Network Q dealers in Ireland. Here they can log in to a website created for them and make reorders of the Network Q Products as well as selected other products approved by Opel Ireland. On these pages each dealer can view the artwork for their previous order of personalized goods and can also upload their own artwork or logos for our Artwork team to utilize.

At Motor Display, we aim to make make the ordering process for your dealer network as simple and as easy as possible.

If you are thinking of creating a large scale Point of Sale program, do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email and we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

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