Our Key Management systems are available in two kinds: PEGS for excellent management and HOOKS for ease of use without compromising security.

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Both systems fit inside our insurance compliant security cabinets. These systems are fully customizable to suit your needs and Access Pegs on our Key manager system can be personalized for your staff. Security seals which attach keys to the peg can only be removed with wire cutters (included).

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Key Management Pegs

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Key Management Access Pegs

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Key Management Mirror Plaques

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Security Key Seals

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€1130 - €1610
All cabinets can be left or right hand opening and are fitted a secure code lock.

For added security all cabinets come with an adjustable self-closing door mechanism and a latch shield in addition to a full length stainless steel hinge.

Most noteworthy is the 2mm thickness sheet steel featuring two 5 lever mortise locks for night time use.

Cabinets come with either Pegs for Key Tracking or Hooks, please see below for details on both of these systems.

Cabinets come the following sizes:

700mm x D 300 mm x W 700 – Max 100 keys
1000mm x D 300 mm x W 700 – Max 200 keys
1400mm x D 300 mm x W 700 – Max 300 keys

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Key Management Pegs

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Peg based KeyManager
€685 - €1950 (per board)
The KeyManager system ends all the frustration of looking for lost keys.

It is designed to offer superb control and efficiency. By only allowing people with access pegs to remove keys, the KeyManager lets you track and locate any key in seconds because you can clearly see who currently is in possession of it by the number/lettering on the access peg used to remove it.

Keys are attached to the retention peg using a tamper proof security seal that can only be removed using a wire cutters while a numbered mirror plaque is used to match the vehicle to the retention peg
Furthermore, the secure, user friendly and modular design makes it a must have in any key tracking situation.

Holders of personalized access pegs can remove the retention peg by inserting their peg. This way you can always see who has possession of a set of keys.

Peg based key management systems come with complete with a number of Access Pegs included and a Security Seal starter pack.

Available systems:

From Only 25 Pegs all the way up to 300 Hundred pegs (2 x 150 peg boards in a 300 capacity Cabinet)!!

See Video below for more!

Hook Key Control System
€260 - €355 (per board)
A hard wearing, basic key storage board. Using clearly numbered hooks it offers quick access to keys but with minimal key management.

When you house these in a secure Motor Display key cabinet the system is perfect if you want an emphasis on high key security over key management.

Available from 50 hooks to 300 (2 x 150 Boards in a 300 Capacity Cabinet)!

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